How to Apply for Taiwan National Health Insurance?

To apply for an NHI IC Card, you may do it online or in person at your neighborhood district office. Please visit the National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare website for further information. To apply for an NHI IC Card, you may do it online or in person at your neighborhood district office.

Similarly, How do I register NHI in Taiwan?

You may visit any NHIA regional division to apply for a new NHI card. Bring your ID (original), one 2x2 picture, and handling fee (NT$200) with you. If you designate a representative to apply for an NHI card on your behalf, that representative must show NHIA employees both your ID and his or her ID for verification.

Also, it is asked, How do I apply for a NHI card?

Fill out the “NHI Card Application Form” and send it together with your ARC and a front and back copy of your ARC to any branch of the National Health Insurance Administration.

Secondly, Can foreigners get health insurance in Taiwan?

The National Health Insurance program, which is funded by the government, provides healthcare to the majority of foreigners in Taiwan. Foreign nationals who have been in Taiwan for more than four months or who possess an Alien Resident Card (ARC) are required to join the NHI.

Also, How much is Taiwan National Health Insurance?

How much does Taiwanese health insurance cost? Expats and residents will pay 5.17 percent of their salaries as of January 1, 2021, for NHI premiums, with the average monthly payment being NT $1,825 (US $65.36).

People also ask, What is national health insurance in Taiwan?

In the event of sickness, accident, or childbirth, everyone may access equal medical and health care services via the government-run National Health Insurance (NHI) program. All residents and foreigners who have been lawfully living in Taiwan for more than six months must enroll in NHI.

Related Questions and Answers

Who pays for healthcare in Taiwan?

A single-payer healthcare system is in place in Taiwan. Prior to the establishment of the program, around 57% of the country’s residents had insurance via private enterprises; universal healthcare covers everyone.

How can I find my NHI?

Your NHI number may be found in the following places: your prescription or prescription receipt; the label of your prescription medication; a hospital letter; an x-ray or test result; and, if you have registered with your GP’s online patient portal, your online patient portal profile.

What are the benefits of NHIS?

The primary goal of the NHIS was to guarantee that it provided comprehensive and reasonably priced healthcare to all destitute Nigerians across the nation. It includes employers, workers, independent contractors, jobless people, and rural communities.

Do I need health insurance in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s public health system All inhabitants of Taiwan, including foreigners employed there, must have public health insurance, which is overseen by the National Health Insurance Administration.

Does Taiwan have the best healthcare system in the world?

Introduction. With a total score of 49.19, Taiwan is ranked 10th in the global index of healthcare innovation. Notably, Taiwan’s single-payer healthcare system is placed first in the Index.

How much does MRI cost in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, an MRI costs $288 whereas it costs $1,119 in the US. In Taiwan, a C-section costs $1,404; in the US, it costs $15,106. In recent years, curiosity in Taiwan’s healthcare system has grown significantly.

How does national healthcare work?

Public insurance is used in the national health insurance model to pay for treatment received in private practices. Every resident contributes to the government’s insurance program. Due to the existence of only one insurance firm, administrative expenses are reduced. Additionally, the government may significantly influence the cost of healthcare.

How is mediclaim calculated?

Calculator for Health Insurance Premiums at BankBazaar: Step 1: Click “search for insurance” under the “health insurance” category. Step 2: Select or enter the name of the city where you now live. Step 3: Enter the total number of adults and kids you want to include. Step 4: Enter the oldest member of the group you want to insure’s age.

Is Taiwan a good place to retire?

Cost of Living – Taiwan’s cheap cost of living and comparatively high wage make it an appealing location to live. The cost of living in Taiwan is noticeably lower than it is in other major Asian cities, which may surprise expats working there.

How do I see a doctor in Taiwan?

Infirmary or Clinic There are primarily two methods for seeing a doctor. One option is to visit a bigger hospital, of which Taipei has no lack (the list includes NTU Hospital, Wanfang Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, and Mackay Memorial Hospital). The smaller, more specialized clinics are the next choice.

Can foreign doctors work in Taiwan?

The necessity to pass competence examinations to begin working in Taiwan may soon be waived for accredited foreign professionals, such as physicians, dentists, and pharmacists. A recent legislative revision may soon exclude foreign professionals intending to work in Taiwan from taking competency tests.

Is Swiss healthcare expensive?

Despite the fact that Switzerland is known for its high costs, many foreigners are nonetheless shocked by the high cost of healthcare, particularly when compared to nearby EU nations. The healthcare system in Switzerland is regarded as among the greatest in the world, but it is also among the most costly.

How can I obtain my NHS Number?

A GP practice will register you so they may provide you an NHS number. If you don’t already have one, an NHS number will be given to you when you register. Your NHS number will be shown on the registration letter that you will receive in the mail.

What is a MyHealth account?

Create a My Health Account to make the most of your usage of online health services. Your account enables you to securely log in to online health services, giving you convenient access to your most crucial data from anywhere.

Is my NHS Number on my birth certificate?

When you register the birth of your child, you will be given an NHS Number if the child was delivered at home. Which NHS number do I have? Everybody in England and Wales who has registered for the NHS gets a special NHS Number. When you register with a GP practice, you get a medical card with your NHS Number written on it.

Who is eligible for NHIS?

This program includes workers who are employed in the formal economy (public and organized private sectors). The NHIS Standard Benefit Package is available to any company with ten (10) or more workers as well as individual voluntary contributors.

Where can I register for NHIS?

Where can I sign up? NHIS district office. Members of the NHIS may file complaints with the NHIA in Accra or the local NHIS office.

How can I apply for NHIS online?

On the website portal, you may apply for NHIS jobs and also get shortlisted. Most notably, there is no cost to apply for NHIS recruitment in 2022. Please remember this if you want to apply for any employment openings with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Which country has the best free healthcare?

Most developed nations in terms of public health care Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, and Japan.

How much does it cost to live in Taiwan for a year?

How much money is required to comfortably live in Taiwan? Anything above $4,500 USD per month enables you to live somewhat comfortably but not very lavishly. You want to strive for $5,000 USD or more every month if you want to preserve money as well.

How are doctors paid in Taiwan?

Fee-for-service is one of the payment options available to doctors under the NHI’s global budget system, where they are compensated for each service they provide. Additionally, doctors get “bonuses” from the portion of revenue they bring in for the hospital and from patients’ own money for treatments not covered by the NHI.

Can I study in Taiwan for free?

However, you may attend one of the numerous reasonably priced institutions in Taiwan to be able to study there for free while also working part-time and receiving scholarships.


The “national health insurance taiwan foreigners” is a type of insurance that is offered in Taiwan to foreigners. This type of insurance allows for medical coverage for those who are not citizens or permanent residents of Taiwan.

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