Health Insurance Which Covers Pre Existing Conditions?

Similarly, Which insurance is best for pre-existing condition?

The Best Pre-Existing Diseases Health Insurance Plans To Buy In. Health Insurance Plan for Apollo Munich Energy. Birla Aditya Enhanced Activ Health Plan Health Insurance Plan HDFC ERGO Energy Gold Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Plan from Star Health.

Also, it is asked, Can I get cover for pre-existing conditions?

If you have pre-existing medical illnesses, you can still acquire health insurance, but it’s doubtful that your coverage would cover them. Your health plan’s underwriting decides whether or not your pre-existing conditions will be covered in the future.

Secondly, Which pre-existing conditions are not covered?

Declinable Existing Medical Conditions Insurers kept a list of health problems for which applicants were often rejected coverage. AIDS/HIV, congestive heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, extreme obesity, pregnancy, and serious mental problems were among the declinable ailments.

Also, Is there any health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions in India?

Parents with pre-existing diseases may purchase health insurance. Bajaj Allianz Silver Health, Oriental Insurance Hope, New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy, and others are among these policies.

People also ask, Does private healthcare cover existing conditions?

You may still receive private health insurance if you have pre-existing medical issues. Keep in mind that most insurance have limitations on when they may pay for treatment of pre-existing conditions.

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Can we claim health insurance immediately?

Types of Health Insurance Waiting Periods Almost all health insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions after a 2- to 4-year waiting period. This means that any hospitalization costs connected to the disclosed illnesses may only be reimbursed after four years of good standing with the insurance.

What qualifies as pre-existing condition?

A health ailment you had before the start date of your new health coverage, such as asthma, diabetes, or cancer. Insurance companies cannot refuse to cover or charge you extra for treatment for a pre-existing ailment.

Is High Cholesterol a pre existing medical condition?

Most, if not all, travel insurance consider high cholesterol, as determined by a physician, to be a pre-existing disease.

What are some examples of pre-existing conditions?

A “pre-existing condition” is a medical ailment or injury that you have before starting a new health-care plan. Pre-existing health issues include diabetes, COPD, cancer, and sleep apnea, to name a few. They are usually chronic or long-term in nature.

Does HDFC Ergo cover pre-existing conditions?

Any new condition discovered during the insurance term will be covered and will not be subject to any prior waiting periods. However, if a pre-existing condition is not stated at the time of policy issuance and a claim is filed, the claim will be denied.

Is chronic pain a pre-existing condition?

They are, in essence, medical issues that existed prior to the commencement of your insurance. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma are examples of prevalent pre-existing ailments. Chronic injuries, such as back discomfort, may also be pre-existing conditions.

What is waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions?

In most health insurance policies, there is a 1-4 year waiting period for pre-existing conditions. The pre-existing illness waiting time, on the other hand, varies depending on the insured’s health and the health insurance plan they pick.

Which diseases are covered under health insurance?

However, the following medical problems are usually covered by health insurance policies: Expenses incurred as a result of an accident. Health insurance provides compensation for treatment of injuries caused by accidents. COVID-19.\sCancer. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and a high BMI. HIV/AIDS. Critical Conditions. Heart Problems Specific Illnesses

Can insurance deny for pre-existing conditions?

Yes. Health insurance providers can’t refuse to cover you or charge you extra because you have a “pre-existing condition” — a health issue you had before the start date of your new health coverage — under the Affordable Care Act. Women cannot be charged more than males.

Is depression a pre-existing condition?

Depression is a pre-existing illness in health insurance terminology if you have visited a provider for it or been diagnosed with it within a certain time frame before enrolling in a new health plan.

What is the most common medical condition?

The following are the most often stated diseases: obesity: 15% of people have cancer, 14% have diabetes, and 2% have drug or alcohol misuse. 2% of people have heart disease: 1% influenza: Mental disease accounts for 1% of the population, whereas AIDS accounts for 1%.

Is there any mediclaim policy in LIC?

The Jeevan Arogya health insurance plan from LIC is a non-participating health insurance plan that covers certain medical expenditures. This LIC mediclaim policy is a fixed benefit policy that pays a lump sum benefit if you incur insured expenditures, regardless of the actual costs.

What is the waiting period for Star health insurance?

1. The benefit under this section is subject to a 24-month waiting period from the date of the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy’s initial initiation and continuing renewal with the Company. Following a claim under “A” of Section-2 above, a 24-month waiting period will apply.

Does Aflac pay for pre-existing conditions?

Disability resulting from a pre-existing condition will not be covered until it occurs more than 12 months after the coverage starts. Aflac will not pay benefits for a disability that is treated outside of the United States’ geographical limitations.

Is arthritis a pre-existing condition?

Arthritis is considered a pre-existing medical disease in most cases. This does not rule out the possibility of obtaining travel insurance, but you must declare your medical condition prior to purchasing coverage. When it comes to arthritis, you’ll need to specify if you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriatic arthritis.

When can I claim health insurance?

Customers do not get any claim reimbursement from the insurer for any kind of hospitalization, scheduled or emergency, during 30 to 90 days after purchasing health insurance. Customers must wait 30 to 90 days after purchasing their coverage before filing any claims.

What is Covid insurance waiting period?

In the case of COVID, insurers have reduced the waiting time to as little as 7-15 days. For example, Digit General Insurance’s health insurance policies have the shortest COVID waiting time of 7 days.

How do health insurance waiting periods work?

A waiting period is a term of membership in a health insurance plan during which no benefits are paid for specific treatments or services. When you alter (upgrade) your health insurance coverage, waiting periods may apply to any extra benefits.

Which is the best cashless mediclaim policy in India?

In India, the Best Cashless Mediclaim Policies for a Family Bupa Health Companion Niva Heartbeat of Niva Bupa. Optima Restore by Apollo Munich. Health Gain Plan by Reliance Lombard Health Care Plus, ICICI. Floater Mediclaim Policy in India India, the New Policy of Asha Kiran.

Which is best health insurance company in India 2021?

HDFC is among India’s top ten health insurance companies for 2021-22. ERGO General Insurance Limited is a company that provides general insurance. Limited Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company SBI General Insurance Company Limited is a company that provides general insurance. Care Health Insurance Company Limited is a company that provides health insurance. ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited is a health insurance company based in India.

Which of the following is not covered under health insurance?

Exclusions include dental surgery/treatment (unless needing hospitalization), congenital external deformities, convalescence, venereal illness, general debility, use of intoxicating drugs/alcohol, self-inflicted injuries, AIDS, diagnostic expenditures, infertility therapy, and Naturopathy treatment.


With the recent health care reform, there are many new changes. One of which is that people with pre-existing conditions can now get health insurance. There are some companies who offer medical insurance for pre-existing conditions and this article will provide you with a list of those companies.

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