The cause of Graves' disease is "autoimmunity"
Graves' disease is a disease in which thyroid function is enhanced and excessive thyroid hormone is produced. So why such anomalies occur?
Actually, immunity is related to that abnormality. Immunity is an important mechanism for attacking invading enemies and maintaining health. However, rarely there are diseases that make antibodies that target your own body. This is called "autoimmune disease", and Graves' disease is also a kind of this.
In the case of Graves' disease, antibodies that abnormally stimulate the thyroid gland are made somewhere in my body. I do not know why antibodies that attack my body will be made. This antibody stimulates the thyroid gland instead of thyroid stimulating hormone, making it more and more thyroid hormone. Also, about 15% of patients with Graves' disease have parents and brothers suffering from the same disease. From this point of view, it seems that the genetic constitution is related to some extent.
It is difficult to fundamentally treat Graves' disease. However, it is excessive thyroid hormone in the blood that is causing symptoms peculiar to Graves' disease. Therefore, if you control the amount of thyroid hormone in the blood normally, you can live a life that is no different from a healthy person. And current treatment is realized in several ways. In other words, if you receive proper treatment, you can live a healthy and lively life.

Graves’ disease is a disease that is frequent in adolescents and adolescents
Graves’ disease is a disease in which thyroid hormone is overproduced, that is, a typical disease that causes hyperthyroidism.
Like other thyroid diseases, it is a disease common to women, but the ratio is about 4 females per man. Because the ratio of males and females in the entire thyroid gland is a ratio of one male to female nine, among thyroid diseases, it is a relatively high proportion of men. The age of onset is 20 or 30, occupies the majority of the whole, then it is in the forties of 40 and 50, and it can be said that young people have many diseases in the middle age.