Everyday life

If thyroid hormone concentrations are normal, no special precautions are necessary.

■ Attention of daily life
Activity should be restricted to some extent, as the burden is also imposed on the heart as long as the thyroid hyperactivity state continues. The degree of activity restriction depends on the condition, but sufficient rest and nutrition are important. Also, it is necessary to be in a cool environment during hot weather.
However, if the thyroid hormone concentration becomes normal by treatment, you can live a life that is no different from ordinary people. People with Graves’ disease tend to be cowardly, but please enjoy yourself anything in sports or hobbies. You can eat whatever you like for meals. Also, some people are worried about how to use iodine, but you can eat normally.
However, one thing that should not be forgotten is regular visit. Pharmacotherapy may recur, and if the thyroid gland remains in surgery, there is worry of recurrence, or worry that thyroid function gradually declines after a few years. Once the hormone settles down with radioactive iodine treatment (isotope), recurrence is rare but it can cause functional deterioration. In order to discover these conditions quickly and to receive appropriate treatment, even those with normal thyroid function should go to the hospital once or twice a year.